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Meet IRL, connect with QR

All your social profiles, websites and contact info are just a QR code away, so connecting in real life is easier than ever.

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What our users say...

"It's amazing! I'm using it in every event now! 🙌"

Vicoria Event Coordinator

"I just love this app!"

Aysin Entrepreneur

"The tool I've been looking for! Simple and it works great."


Supported Social Networks and more

With Add Eddie you can create QR codes for your most used social profiles, apps, websites and contact information





Snapchat NEW

Social Media




X (formerly Twitter)



Twitch NEW

Discord NEW

Mastodon NEW







Paypal Me

Venmo NEW

Buy me a Coffee



Youtube NEW

Spotify NEW

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How Add Eddie works...

Create QR-pages for your favorite social profiles, websites, vcards, e-mail adresses, etc.

Show your new real-life friends your QR-page and let them scan it with their regular camera

Use the awesome widget to connect even faster

💫 Pro Feature (free for now)

Find out how to implement the widget for iOS

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Why we created Add Eddie

Real human connections are forged in real life. We have the feeling that after two years of pandemic isolation and a decade of random social media acquaintances, human kind has to re-learn what it means to go out and meet a stranger.

Meeting someone new can be scary, as it requires you to make yourself vulnerable. You can't edit out words that came out wrong, like you could on Twitter. And you can't put a filter on your face to hide a pimple, like on Instagram. This is real life and it's beautiful without any editing and filtering.

Before we all get lost in the Metaverse where we'll be no more than a bought avatar designed to hide all of our insecurities, we are making a final attempt to help and encourage people to meet in real life and make real friends, relationships and lovers. Unfriend the rest.

Daniel, Simon & Stephan, the creators of Add Eddie